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    1. Adab & Rules Of Engagement

    You agree that the WhatsApp sponsored service is a one-way notification for you to receive the latest answer and updates from the Ask Ustaz admin team. You agree that there shall be NO attempt to communicate, to call, to reply, to clarify on the published/posted answers; to send a question, message, picture, and/or any form of communications to the given mobile number.


    2. Private and Confidential

    You agree to treat the given mobile number at your utmost confidentiality and shall not distribute or share the given mobile number to other parties without express consent from the admin team.


    3. One-Time-Sponsorship

    To subscribe our WhatsApp sponsored service, you shall agree to make a one-time-sponsorship of any amount as a goodwill gesture and support to our efforts. The term "sponsorship", "contribution" or "infaq" is appropriate as we are not in position to receive any kinds of donation from any parties. To sponsor other new programs, kindly click here.


    4. Activation and Validity

    To activate the WhatsApp sponsored service, simply save the given mobile number in your contact list, in your mobile phone. If you do not save our mobile number, we will not be able to send you these notifications. You agree that this service is valid in perpetuity, and we may terminate this service for whatsoever reason, without prior notice.


    5. Termination

    Any breach to this agreement, terms and conditions as set-out herein will result in immediate termination of service, without prior notice in any form.