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    Very handy app for all Muslims
    "This app has made it truly accessible for me to ask any doubts I have. Thumbs up to the team.Keep it going. Thank you."

    - 33NA33

    Syukran Jazeelan
    "Semoga Allah s.w.t. memberikan ganjaran dan pahala kepada semua yg terlibat dan yg sewaktu dengannya.. Amin..."

    - rush1970

    "الحمد لله Great App"
    - Ahmad Alkaff

    "MashaAllah. It's a good app from a good sources."

    -Muhd Noor

    "Alhamdulillah finally we have an amazing app that caters to muslimin n muslimah who gave doubts n too shy to ask ustaz in person.thank you for creating such a wonderful app."

    - Dean Burg

    "Allah heard my doa. Amin..."

    - Muhd Helmi Zulkarnain

    "This is a wonderful app. Jazaaka Allaahu khaayr." 
    - Lokman Nurhakim

    Good Job
    "May Allah Bless those who are involved in this project" - Junaidi Jamil

    "Alhamdulilah for this app. May Allah bless the ppl behind it always till Jannah! ♡♡♡" - Nur Wati

    "May Allah and Rasul bless the programmer and the ones who are involved." 

    - Muhammad Fawzey

    "Great job!"

    - Thierry Hairie

    Ummah menanya ulamak menjawab 

    "Ajib" - Zahirudin Sulaiman


    "Good 4 general knowledge"

    - Muhammad Ali

    Wonderfully simple yet brilliant 

    "Simple and direct app to lay questions and answers. Great initiative from the developers and asatizah"

    - Redhwan Mohamed

    "Alhamdulillah..thank you for creating such app." - Neo Fifi

    "Should have it long time ago..."

    - Sarwan Rahmad

    Good and reliable. 

    "Good for those who seek knowledge on the truth about Islam and it's practices. Allahuakbar!"

    - rudy hafyz

    Jazakallah khairan to the...

    "Jazakallah khairan to the ask ustaz team. I enjoy watching the explanations by ustaz. Ask Ustaz is a much more reliable source compared to searching for answers via the internet 😃"
    - Nur Amirah