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Ask Ustaz on Berita Harian

Press Release
Segan Nak Tanya? Mudah.... "Ask Ustaz"
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25 December 2014, Singapore - A S K U S T A Z mobile application is featured in today's Berita Harian, a local malay newspaper. We are grateful to Allah SWT that we are still able to contribute this litte effort to our Deen, and service to the community. A self funded and definitely a non-profit, we collaborate with our local Asatizahs to help the community at large.

We felt that our mini contribution today are still very much below expectation, but InsyaAllah we are definitely doing our best. We can't thank enough to our corporate and individuals whom first believe in us and sponsored us during our event launch a year ago. (May Allah SWT blessed these sponsors dunya and akhirah)

Please make du'a for us that we will always remain sincere, sustainable and dedicated in our course if duty. We hope that more people/ummah can benefit from this program. InsyaAllah.

A S K U S T A Z available at

✔️ AppStore

✔️ GooglePlayStore



JazakAllah Khair & BarakAllah Feekum

- Love Admin M.Shah